Monday, March 17, 2008

Vacation for One Day


Thursday, March 20th
Rust Belt Books
202 Allen Street
Buffalo, NY

Jaye Bartell
Jennifer Karmin
Kevin Thurston
Tawrin Baker
Eric Gelsinger
Jessica Smith
Deborah Poe
Barrett Gordon

and then:

Buffalo Small Press Book Fair
Saturday, March 22nd
Karpeles Library Museum
453 Porter Avenue
Buffalo, NY

Oh One Arrow and A Sing Economy will be for sale, and among a packed lineup of talented performers, flim forum poets will be reading throughout the day:

1:20 Jaye Bartell
1:30 Barrett Gordon
2:40 Deborah Poe
2:45 Adam Golaski
2:50 Matthew Klane
2:55 Jennifer Karmin
3:15 Eric Gelsinger

and then:

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Bookery in Ithaca

Getting ready for Buffalo...

Flim Forum Press
@ The Bookery
Wednesday, March 19th
Dewitt Mall
Downtown Ithaca, NY

Lori Anderson Moseman
Deborah Poe
Matthew Klane

A Sing Economy and Oh One Arrow will be for sale

flim flickr

The Los Angeles flim contingent brings A Sing Economy to Betalevel, Saturday night, March 15th, and we, the flim editors, offer thanks. Wish we could of been there...

Jennifer Karmin w/ Teresa Carmody (left) & Catherine Daly (right)

Amanda Ackerman & Harold Abramowitz

Jaime Corbacho

Mathew Timmons

photos by Harold Abramowitz (more... )
photo of Harold and Amanda by Mathew Timmons

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Flim Forum Press/Betalevel
A Sing Economy

Saturday, March 15th
Chinatown, Los Angeles

Harold Abramowitz
Amanda Ackerman
Jaime Corbacho
Jennifer Karmin
Mathew Timmons

Flim Forum Press books A Sing Economy and Oh One Arrow will be available for sale, as they are here.

What is Betalevel:
Part studio, part club, part stage and part screen; Betalevel is located in a basement in Chinatown, Los Angeles and plays host to various media events such as screenings, performances, classes, lectures, debates, dances, readings and tournaments. Its members are artists, programmers, writers, designers, agit-propers, filmmakers and reverse-engineers.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Order Flim / by Credit Card w/ PayPal

A Sing Economy
ISBN 978-0-9790888-1-0
7 x 9, 256 pages
$20 (includes S&H)

Featuring extensive selections from:
Kate Schapira, Barrett Gordon, Jennifer Karmin, Stephanie Strickland, Mathew Timmons, Kaethe Schwehn, Harold Abramowitz, Amanda Ackerman, Jaye Bartell, Jessica Smith, David Pavelich, Erin M. Bertram, Laura Sims, Deborah Poe, a.rawlings, fran├žois luong, Michael Slosek, Kevin Thurston, Hannah Rodabaugh, and Tawrin Baker. Also, three cover films by Scott Puccio. (more...)

Oh One Arrow
ISBN 978-0-9790888-0-3
7 x 9, 208 pages
$20 (includes S&H)

Featuring extensive selections from:
Brandon Shimoda, Thom Donovan, Jonathan Minton, Adam Golaski, Lori Anderson Moseman, Katie Kemple, Christopher Fritton, Eric Gelsinger, Jacqueline Lyons, John Cotter, Jeff Paris, Michael Ives, Jaime Corbacho, Matthew Klane, Pierre Joris, and Aaron Lowinger. Cover art by Luke Daly. (more...)

A Sing Economy and Oh One Arrow are also available, together, for the combined price of $30.