Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Alps in the embrace of } The Girl Without Arms

Notorious HTML Giant posted "a conversation between Brandon Shimoda and Matthew Henriksen." Not a conversation two poets trying to out-weird each other. I was thinking about thinking about Brandon Shimoda and this made me think about Brandon Shimoda: his The Alps, Flim Forum's The Alps. I contacted Black Ocean and suggested since they were publishing Brandon Shimoda's second book Flim Forum and Black Ocean ought to put the two books together and we did, with a beautiful paper band made by maids in Black Ocean Tartarus. More than the paper band, tho, you get The Alps and The Girl Without Arms together, each for $10, so for $20. The Alps usually priced at $14 and The Girl Without Arms at $14.95. Even if you have one or the other why spend $14 or 14.95 when you could kick in another $6 or $5.05, get both, and give the one you already own away, to, like, your mother? Think about it. In this economy.

[Both Flim Forum and Black Ocean are making the offer--email us or them. However, Black Ocean has no link to this offer because it's a secret that they have a huge crush on us.]

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A land between sleep & } Flim Forum

Woke up to Barzakh 03. Read three Flim poets. John Cotter with three poems. Anne Gorrick dedicates "When the Noon Wears Ermine" to Lori Anderson Moseman. Pages from Adam Golaski's OUTLAND (dedicated to Jessica Smith).