Monday, September 29, 2008

Valentine's 10/7

in association w/ Flim Forum + Les Figues Press

Tuesday, October 7th
17 New Scotland Avenue
Albany, NY


Vanessa Place
Matthew Klane

Vanessa Place is a writer and lawyer, and co-director of Les Figues Press. She is the author of Dies: A Sentence (Les Figues Press), a
50,000-word, one-sentence novella; the post-conceptual novel La Medusa (Fiction Collective 2), and the forthcoming Notes on Conceptualisms (Ugly Duckling Presse), in collaboration with appropriation poet Robert Fitterman, and a nonfiction book, The Guilt Project: Rape and Morality (Other Press). Other work has appeared in other publications, including Western Humanities Review, Northwest Review, Insert Fold Magazine, Greetings #10, 4th Street: A Poetry Bimonthly, Contemporary Literary Criticism, Bookforum, and theextraroom (Ger.). Her collaboration with artist/performer Lamya Regragui will debut at Cent Quatre in Paris/Los Angeles in 2009, and she is collaborating with conceptual artist Stephanie Taylor on the film “Murderous Square Dance at the Spiral Jetty.” Place is a co-founder of Les Figures Press, described by critic Terry Castle as “an elegant vessel for experimental American writing of an extraordinarily assured and ingenious sort.”

Matthew Klane is co-editor and founder of flim forum press, publisher of the experimental poetry anthologies Oh One Arrow and A Sing Economy. His book, B____ Meditations, is forthcoming, this fall, from Stockport Flats Press. His recent chapbooks include Sorrow Songs, Friend Delighting the Eloquent, and The-Associated Press. Also: The Meister-Reich Experiments, an evolving hypertext, online at House Press. Other recent work can be found in The New Chief Tongue and online at Open Letters Monthly and Otoliths. He currently lives and writes in Albany, New York.

$3 suggested donation

ALBANY POETS PRESENTS is Albany Poets’ monthly open mic for poetry, spoken word, and music.

FLIM FORUM PRESS, founded in 2005, is an independent press that provides SPACE to emerging poets working in a variety of experimental modes.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Welcome to Boog City

Boog City
5th Annual Small Press Fair

Saturday, September 20th

152 Ludlow St.

Featuring readings from authors of the exhibiting presses:

11:10 a.m.-Brant Lyon, LOGOchrysalis
11:20 a.m.-Andrew Bishop, Graphic Union Press
11:30 a.m.-Celena Glenn, Bowery Books
11:40 a.m.-Mark Lamoureux, Cy Gist Press
11:50 a.m.-Ariana Reines, Fence/Fence Books
12:00 p.m.-Adam Golaski, flim forum press
12:10 p.m.-Damian Weber, House Press
12:20 a.m.-Virna Teixeira, Litmus Press/Aufgabe
12:30 p.m.-Jaye Bartell, little scratch pad
12:40 p.m.-Jeff Downey, Octopus Books
12:50 p.m.-Melissa Christine Goodrum, Other Rooms Press
1:00 p.m.-Jessica Smith, Outside Voices
1:10 p.m.-Austin Alexis, Poets Wear Prada
1:20 p.m.-Tom Savage, Straw Gate Books


1:30 p.m.-Stephanie Gray
1:45 p.m.-Bill Kushner
2:00 p.m.-Oak Orchard Swamp (music)
2:30 p.m.-Ryan Eckes
2:50 p.m.-Eric Gelsinger
3:10 p.m.-Douglas Manson
3:30 p.m.-Heart Parts (music)
4:00 p.m.-Elise Ficarra
4:20 p.m.-Kristianne Meal
4:40 p.m.-Kathryn Pringle
5:00 p.m.-Maureen Thorson
5:20 p.m.-Carol Mirakove
5:35 p.m.-A Brief View of the Hudson (music)
6:05 p.m.-Jen Benka
6:20 p.m.-Todd Colby
6:35 p.m.-Kyle Schlesinger
6:55 p.m.-David Hadbawnik
7:15 p.m.-Sharon Mesmer
7:30 p.m.-Casey Holford (music)

Directions: F/V to 2nd Ave.
Venue is bet. Stanton and Rivington sts.