Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Buffalo - Electric City

Thursday, March 29th
Oh One Arrow
Rust Belt Books
202 Allen Street

Aaron Lowinger
Jon Minton
Matthew Klane
Adam Golaski
Christopher Fritton
Eric Gelsinger

Friday, March 30th
Electric City Spectacular I
Karpeles Manuscript Museum
453 Porter Avenue

Aaron Lowinger
Michael Slosek
Barrett Gordon
Liz Mariani
Luke Daly
Sarah Campbell
Tawrin Baker
Matthew Klane

Saturday, March 31st
Buffalo Small Press Book Fair
Karpeles Manuscript Museum

Electric City Spectacular II

Eric Unger
Robin Brox
Angela Szczepaniak
Kevin Thurston
Kevin Corbett
Christopher Fritton
Jessica Fiorini
Damian Weber
Kristianne Meal
Eric Gelsinger
Jessica Smith

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

from south to north----

a quick post to express gratitude from the editors----

in Virginia, Katie & David & Fu, all excellent hosts. Katie delivered a brilliant reading from her plant poems, including "Radiator," from which Matthew liked to quote as we drove: "Some say this genus/ is dumb as potatoes (don't believe/ everything everyone says--)." A terrific audience came to listen + to ask marvelous questions. + Adam finally saw Collosal Head #3 + a Rapanui stone carving from Easter Island----

three days later found us in Atlanta, at AWP. We shared a table with Jessica Smith and Lori Anderson Moseman, both who led us to new friends--Laura S., David P., Phil C., Kathleen R.--+ more, more, of course-- + to many new books----

other friends were found by more secretive methods, in Paris, etc.----

the final flim stop was in West Virginia, where Jon Minton had set up a reading for us at Glenville State College, + where we befriended Autumn, Ashley, + Michael. Autumn writes our story in the next edition of The Phoenix----

next: matthew in Ohio + Flim Forum in b-lo----