Tuesday, March 06, 2007

from south to north----

a quick post to express gratitude from the editors----

in Virginia, Katie & David & Fu, all excellent hosts. Katie delivered a brilliant reading from her plant poems, including "Radiator," from which Matthew liked to quote as we drove: "Some say this genus/ is dumb as potatoes (don't believe/ everything everyone says--)." A terrific audience came to listen + to ask marvelous questions. + Adam finally saw Collosal Head #3 + a Rapanui stone carving from Easter Island----

three days later found us in Atlanta, at AWP. We shared a table with Jessica Smith and Lori Anderson Moseman, both who led us to new friends--Laura S., David P., Phil C., Kathleen R.--+ more, more, of course-- + to many new books----

other friends were found by more secretive methods, in Paris, etc.----

the final flim stop was in West Virginia, where Jon Minton had set up a reading for us at Glenville State College, + where we befriended Autumn, Ashley, + Michael. Autumn writes our story in the next edition of The Phoenix----

next: matthew in Ohio + Flim Forum in b-lo----

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