Monday, April 02, 2007

spectacular + fair

let me be less aesthetic w/ this entry + more friendly b'cause my time in Buffalo was so kind----

electric city spectacular invited many artists, poets, filmmakers, + musicians, + I saw 'em all. th'delight was great. flim forum press kicked off the spectacular w/ M. Klane, Christopher Fritton, Eric Gelsinger, Aaron Lowinger + me [insert Adam Golaski here]. The beloved Jonathan Minton, ed. of word for/word, could not attend and we were sorry. a warm room in the back of Rust Belt Books suited us poets fine, and was packed w/ good folk. Oh One Arrow was sold w/ whale Male----

post Rust Belt we went to see our founding fathers. others were: Clark, Melissa, Kevin, Becky----

friday electric city kicked off at 6pm. all the readers here here is a list of all the readers----

the films of Ekrem Serdar, Francesco Gagliardi, Linsey Lodhie, + Scott J. Puccio were about light----

saturday w/ The Small Press Book Fair. at least three copies of Oh One Arrow were sold. good to be in a room full of folk who make their own paper contraptions. bought Broken Records. read to a hardworking audience----

electric city resumed. Eric, Christopher, + Aaron all performed with flimtastic grace; marvelous Jessica Smith called on Alix Bamford + Eric to demonstrate the plasticity of her poetry; + we enjoyed lit paper + Angela Szczepaniak's recipes + Jessica Fiorini's brooklynity. then music spectacular where G Lucas Crane faded tapes + jackson jackson junk-built gorgeous sound----

flim forum editorial board retired at 3am. sunday we ate w/ jessica, jen, chris, + alix. after which we hit the road for a rainy elegy----


kevin.thurston said...

thanks for coming, fellas.
except you adam, thank you for being a west-ender & coming.

alixandra said...

Adam -

Thank you for your kind words on my blog. I must say, you (& Matt & Jessica) took my weekend that extra step from just good to really great & memorable. Breakfast just isn't the same now - I go through the motions of course, but I've been ruined for all breakfasts now.

you know where to find me,