Friday, February 22, 2008

Green & Other Things

[the following is from an Open Letters Monthly press release]

Open Letters Monthly is throwing a one-year anniversary party and celebrating with a reading featuring three of the finest young writers in America.

Joshua Harmon, Sommer Browning, and Adam Golaski will read selections from their work at the Lily Pad Gallery in Inman Square on Saturday, March 1st at 7:30pm. We'll have refreshments, information about the magazine, and readings from some of the best poetry, fiction, and translation we've seen.

Joshua Harmon will read from his debut novel Quinnehtukqut. This from our November issue: "Harmon is a brave writer, and one of the novel's great strengths is its daring mix of narrative styles: from a straight third-person which easily shuttles back and forth through time, to haunting impressionistic monologues, to jagged, folkloric nuggets and parallel narratives that creep alongside one another on the page."

Open Letters Monthly publishes just one poem a month, and Sommer Browning remains the only poet we've published twice. First in April, and then July.

Rounding the bill will be Adam Golaski, whose innovative new translation, Green, miraculously contemporizes the buzz and thwack of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, seamlessly easing the poem into the locus of everyday speech and so making it still more strange.

come join us!

Saturday March 1st, 2008
Open Letters Monthly 1st Anniversary Party & Reading
Joshua Harmon, Sommer Browning, Adam Golaski
Lily Pad Gallery, 1353 Cambridge Street (Inman Square), Cambridge MA

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