Sunday, October 26, 2008

hodge-podge pre-alps party

much hath o-ccured that's Flim-tinted:

boog city in nyc: th'flim forum table was flanked by jessica smith's outside voices and fence books (w/ editor colie collen + poet ariana reines). many flim poets attended, all of them good-looking: jaye bartell (w/ new book Ever After Never Under), eric gelsinger, jessica smith, adam golaski, + jeff paris. this was ashley spears' first small press fair, + tho the room smelled like a hotel swimming pool + sucked light like a black hole, she had a marvelous time. as editor golaski's new intern, she is one of the lucky few to've read The Alps in ms. form. she loved it.

four weeks later, flim forum headed to lowell, mass, for lowell's first annual small press book fair. we waved to colie while we sold copies of oh one arrow + a sing economy, and while we promoted the alps w/ a gorgeous postcard (see previous post for art). the weather was spectacular. baby elizabeth and mom amy enjoyed the trolly. we'll be back next year, and hope to set up a reading. for The Alps. did I say "The Alps"?


adam golaski's first book, a collection of weird stories called Worse Than Myself, was published in July, just in time for baby elizabeth's birthday. she has not read the book, but thinks adam is awesome. more information can be found at the raw dog screaming press website. if you like experimental poetry but wish it was scarier, this book is for you.

flim poets adam golaski + john cotter read ghost stories at symposium books in providence, rhode island, where a lovely oh one arrow reading was held in early '07. edward bell, the store owner, is a beloved supporter. flim poet kate shapira, oh one arrow designer jeremy withers, + golaski-intern ashley spears were in attendance. kate invited adam to read in her series at ada books in providence on nov. 8th. he accepted.

katie kemple, flim poet (remember how much you loved the plant poems in oh one arrow?), has a poem in foursquare vol. 2 no. 11. it's one of her "pregnancy sonnets" and is not to be missed.

next post: The Alps. dig it.

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