Sunday, February 08, 2009

One Year of Thyme Out (& Other Stories)

Friend of Flim Angela Denstad-Stigeler--poet, short story writer, and memoirist--has self-published a collection of her "Thyme Out" column, a column devoted to word-play, whimsey, and recipes. I have made two meals from the book: "Overnight Waffles" and "Macaroni and Cheese with Peas, Please." With the former I produced brilliant pancakes unlike any I've had before (Angela writes, "...a complex and well-rounded flavor, a tangy playfulness and rich sense of taste"); the latter is about 20 minutes easier than every other mac and cheese recipe I've ever followed (it eschews baking, and while it does take about 10 minutes longer than the stuff that comes in a box with a packet of cheese dust, it also eshews coming from a box with a packet of cheese dust).

As any feminist worth their Judy Chicago knows, cookbooks have often been a sneaky form of self-expression for women who spent their days plowing the fields, their evenings cooking, and their nights darning socks, etc., ad nauseum; Thyme Pieces: One Year of Thyme Out unselfconsciously taps into that history. To order a copy, email Angela at While waiting for your copy to appear in the mail, read her column online at the Caledonia Argus.

...& other stories:

Adam Golaski is reading in Hartford, CT at the Alchemy Juice Bar, 7pm, Wednesday the 11th. This is the third reading in the Inescabable Rhythms series (Deborah Poe will read in March) hosted by Andrea Henchey (whose work will appear in the next issue of Elisa Gabbert's Absent magazine). Deb is promoting her new book, Our Parenthetical Ontology. I'm not promoting a book.

Don't foget to ch-ch-check out Flim Forum at AWP. Matthew Klane will be there alone, shivering and frightened, so stop by with a blanket or a cup of hot soup (his favorite is "woe") and buy The Alps--the mountain range or the book. He'll take your money for either.

Finally, keep clicking "Favorites: Flim Forum Blog" for an upcoming post re. two NYC readings that could save your life. In the meantime, would someone please make me some gruyere-thyme icebox crackers?

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