Monday, March 02, 2009

The Alps on

Now, on, Jaye Bartell empties himself into the white squares which column through the heart of The Alps. Here is the introduction to his withholding:

The blank squares accompanying each poem in The Handmaidens and Bridesman section of The Alps struck me immediately, fascinated and moved me to respond. The squares display vivid possibility, actualized by the writing beneath them, poems that are far more than captions. Possibility, in fact, is the prevailing sentiment I’m left with; there is much to discover in The Alps, and the squares serve as a kind of field guide. They at once refuse to be empty, or to contain anything. The slightest suggestion of an image, –gold / lightning struck / water–, and the square floods. Turn the page, a new square is presented, empty, simple, but vulnerable to the foment of cognition, memory, grasp, and total loss.

Read the rest of Jaye's review here, In Which a Lack Should Speak Louder Than Words. Also, see Jaye make birds.

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