Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Alps in the embrace of } The Girl Without Arms

Notorious HTML Giant posted "a conversation between Brandon Shimoda and Matthew Henriksen." Not a conversation two poets trying to out-weird each other. I was thinking about thinking about Brandon Shimoda and this made me think about Brandon Shimoda: his The Alps, Flim Forum's The Alps. I contacted Black Ocean and suggested since they were publishing Brandon Shimoda's second book Flim Forum and Black Ocean ought to put the two books together and we did, with a beautiful paper band made by maids in Black Ocean Tartarus. More than the paper band, tho, you get The Alps and The Girl Without Arms together, each for $10, so for $20. The Alps usually priced at $14 and The Girl Without Arms at $14.95. Even if you have one or the other why spend $14 or 14.95 when you could kick in another $6 or $5.05, get both, and give the one you already own away, to, like, your mother? Think about it. In this economy.

[Both Flim Forum and Black Ocean are making the offer--email us or them. However, Black Ocean has no link to this offer because it's a secret that they have a huge crush on us.]

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