Sunday, August 02, 2009

harp & alter } the alps + the inland sea

jared white's review of the alps + the inland sea (published by tarpaulin sky).

white writes, "What animates both these books of Shimoda’s is the unknowability of the self even as it offers more and more angles, more ideas, more perceptions and experiences" + suggests that "It may be helpful to see the two books not as distinct projects, but rather as complementary angles on the same subject, the same interior/exterior geography with its troubles and anxieties."

let's encourage that reading: from Aug. 2nd - Sept. 2nd, if you can demonstrate that you ordered the inland sea (email us your receipt), you can purchase the alps for $10 ($4 off the cover price). this offer is only good for orders placed directly to flim forum press (i.e., checks only to the flim forum office).

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