Monday, August 17, 2009

"secret caves" } beget } "pech de l'azé"

secret caves sez:

The Ghost of Khorasan

(in a moraine)

pech de l'azé sez:

open uh ancient coffin

uh shovel inside.

torpedo volume six "our first almost entirely graphic issue features comics, fake ads and other miscellany from the likes of jeffrey brown, paul o'connell, oslo davis, tim molloy, stanley donwood, ghost patrol, mandy ord, adam golaski, eric dando, laurie clancy and many more. comes with mini colour supplement and cover by the mysterious kingdom of ludd"

whut up, whut up: the golaski "miscellany" is excerpts from "pech de l'azé," a blog comments response to matthew klane's poem "secret caves."

postage is cah-razy fo non-australian buyers*, but torpedo is always gorgeous. get the complete set, get the postage over w/, + get joy.

the following is an except from an interview between adam golaski + torpedo editor chris flynn:

golaski: is it true, that on every shelf in every readings location is a nest full of the world's deadliest spiders?

flynn: we do have some scary creatures here, their bites create a gangrenous sore that never heals and eats slowly away at the flesh and yes, there have been three shark attacks in the past two weeks, but in only one case was the guy devoured. But we don't have guns!

[note from editor: flynn's response was edited heavily w/out permission. he may also not be real. this conversation may never have happened. flim forum is of the opinion that the ocean is mostly a bag of very salty potato chips.]

*an addendum from the torpedo offices: "good news! I just went to the post office and it turns out this issue sneaks under the weight limit as it's a bit slimmer than normal, so postage to the UK and US is half the usual exorbitant rate. it's $6.50 instead of $12.50, which is $5 US and about 3 quid in the UK. that might make it easier for your legions of fans to buy it. hope this helps."

seriously, dudes, you paid five to have amazon ship that dvd of "fluff house apocalypse: director's cut," + that was being shipped from, like, the blockbuster down the street from you, so, like, torpedo up, friends of flim.

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