Saturday, August 01, 2009

march, 2009 } b-lo spf } a tale f'r children

here, fairy godmother jessica smith and magically transformed alix bamford assemble the flim forum table. look! it was beautiful!

then, this bird bought a copy of oh one arrow.

then, this bird bought a copy of a sing economy.

when christopher fritton said the fair was over and it was time to go home, matthew klane bellowed, "we never close!" his words were so mighty, they became neon.

but christopher really needed us out of there, so after he bought a copy of brandon shimoda's the alps, he sent a bear and a giant tire to trash our stuff and eat us.

eaten but not defeated, matthew and adam flew the bear into an ice cave at the bottom of niagra falls where we began work on jennifer karmin's aaaaaaaaaaalice.

greatly moved, the giant tire converted from radial to catholicism.

the end.

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