Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I have come to strengthen the currency radically cut

Those without money lecture us on the rich.

All contests over ideas aspire to and simulate trade. Why not trade instead?

Happy is the man who decides to marry and stays the course, who plans a voyage and takes it, who wants to belong to the circle of an influential man, and wins influence.

Raising sons: teach them mathematics, and athletics. Business itself, and history are not essential, and can be learned later. Teach them how to make someone smile, talk nicely, how to be respectful to gain respect. Teach them to discriminate among near things, and how to use a mirror. Teach them to scorn the ordinary, but to seem contented when efficacious. Instruct them in countenance, so that no feelings govern. No piercings or tattoos or strange haircuts. Have them speak loudly when they speak, seem busy, and be busy while modestly betraying self-admiration.

In a poor man’s house, one can spit anywhere.

The poor have made leisure an affliction.

The last time I was there, the mayor included me in her toast.

A magician his tricks; a great man his wealth - know enough not to really show the stuff.

In business and in love, there are virgins and don juans.

Go about with your poverty showing, and people will say you’re mad. Go about with your riches displayed, and people will be mad to cultivate your acquaintance.

$350,000 will get you a Bentley. $2,000 will get you a used KIA.

Employees should obey their employers; patients, their doctors; investors, the trends.

excerpted from a set by Eric Gelsinger

see Oh One Arrow and Buy Later

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