Friday, December 05, 2008

The New Media State

#2 Globally brand New Mexico as the New Media State. #3 Promote New Media business products and services to the local, regional, national, and international levels. #1 If an offer / answer / transaction succeeds, then The New Media State becomes active. I have never heard about a "proposed media state" ... it isn't written anywhere.

All those people back East may one day get on the wagon train and become a citizen of the New Media State. And if they don't, many of their children will.

Despite the explosion of The New Media State, television, due to its monopoly and to the absence of an adequate system of press distribution is by far the media state. The New Media State is selected by incrementing the media state by 1 and the disk access parameters associated with The New Media State are set up. The New Media State, where now each media is hype-linked to sites related to the media context as well as to the user context. The user can now provide The New Media State of spelling as effectively as the opposite of the birth of printing-undoing the crystallisation of spelling, taking it back to The New Media State of fluid.

from The New Poetics by Mathew Timmons

in A Sing Economy

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