Sunday, December 21, 2008

I have come to strengthen the currency radically cut

Against fate I put courage; against custom, ambition; against nature, man.

Even the homeless have toadies: pigeons squawk for their breadcrumbs.

Knowing a man’s true worth is like knowing his probity.

Take those who loudly proclaim themselves the honest poor. Show them your wallet, and hear them quietly lie that they don’t pain for it. It is far easier to find a rich honest man than a poor honest man; envy leads men to deception.

There are no gods, only men.

The wage earner is more curious about what he sees on TV than what he sees with his own eyes.

If you’re going to steal, steal big. Little thieves are punished ruthlessly.

Do not give money to panhandlers -- they’ll think it their salary.

Had to steal a peek the name tag to know whether it was a man or woman.

If you do business with a dog, why are you surprised if he pisses on you?

The arts: the better you are, the worse for you.

excerpted from a set by Eric Gelsinger

see Oh One Arrow and Buy Later

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