Wednesday, December 03, 2008

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john cotter & crew's december open letters is up. here find a poem, selected by john, written by michael trocchia. also essays on the alps, well, hannibal, among a slew'v fine others----

----this after the brookline booksmith open letters reading, celebrating ol's second year, with readers steve donoghue (who read this excellent essay on the subject of book reviewing), nicolas wey gomez (he read from his lovely The Tropics of Empire), and our own matthew klane (uh, B?).

now: y'r attention, please, to the open letters blog, f'r which I wrote about sir paul mccartney, who wishes to release a beatles track long archived.

also: I had the distinct pleasure of reading with jessica bozek last night, who, until last night, I'd not met. she's got a book coming from switchback. ch-ch-check it. she's also quite nice, tho has yet to figure out how to flint her matchbooks. that's not a euphamism. we read at the new england institute of art in boston. she a series of animals, I a bunch'v babies. we were joined by other poets, including david blair, shana deets (who read from a cool novel about a woman named nathan), and steven lee beeber (who bought a copy of my book)----

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