Saturday, November 01, 2008

all saints day alps

the alps is out and orders for copies are tumbling into the flim offices. that folks are excited about the alps is hardly surprising. what has surprised me is how rapidly the book has penetrated popular culture.

last night--halloween--I counted seven trick-or-treaters dressed as brandon shimoda. one shimoda mask in particular caught my eye: by squeezing a pump, hidden in the tongue of a sneaker, the wearer caused letters to flood across the face, just as in real life! some of the cheaper, knock-off shimoda masks looked--oddly enough--quite a lot like jaye bartell.

that so many of the neighborhood kids already owned a copy of the alps did present one problem--I had to dash to CVS to pick up copies of organic furniture cellar and our parenthetical ontology to give as treats!

my mask? a klane face, of course.

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