Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The New New Deal

The New New Deal is upon us. The president can either lead the charge or be run over by it. This upsurge will be called The New New Deal, and it presents a plan to deal with... The New New Deal! One of our greatest frustrations is when we collectively get wrapped up in theoretical discussions about The End of Reform and The New New Deal Liberalism in Recession and War... The New Republic of The New New Deal is original. It represents solid economic engineering and a straightforward Time of progress in The New Era of The New New Deal.

The New New Deal talks about The Rabbits Going Back in the Hat, The Dance of the Crackpots, Welcoming the Enemy: and The Ride of the Wild Rabbit--summarizing a wide variety of ambitious but viable projects to improve all of our country by launching what's called The New New Deal--a multipronged plan founded upon Bankruptcy--The New New Deal!

The New Republic of The New New Deal will be mindful of both the successes and disappointments of The old New Deal of the 1930's. Conservatives and small government types are going to be run over by The New New Deal!

from The New Poetics by Mathew Timmons

in A Sing Economy

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