Monday, November 17, 2008

The opposite of credit is blame

My sweater, which I wash in the bathtub because

of the economy, is sour and stiff. I get a hanger.

I hang it from the fire escape. When I bring

it in it’s soft, smells good. I don’t

attribute this to the fire escape, its metal or rust.

I want a map of the moon.

Now appearing with failure, its source.

Everyone wants to know for blaming purposes

now that they can’t save. Something to do.

The moon’s disc fits over the sun’s disc

by accident, but wanting can be powerful.

My friend explains mortgage bundles carefully over

and over email, using analogies, but nothing

but wanting is exchanged, right up

to the minute of total obscurity.

Maps work by analogy. Trying

to navigate is only like.

The opposite of credit is blame.

poem by Kate Schapira

see A Sing Economy

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