Thursday, November 13, 2008

I have come to strengthen the currency radically cut

Children are genetic capital.

Before you go into a job interview, it is best to practice on statues.

It was when I decided to leave The Fund, that I did my best work: ensuring good feelings.

When my brother, now a senior citizen and restaurant manager, asked me why I was late to dinner at his house, I said I didn’t want to watch him work.

Experience turns a woman from loving handsome men, to loving successful men. Just so, experience turns a young man from giddiness with quick riches, to respect for paying one’s dues.

When I was called to the board to account for an error I made, I told them I’d only come to see how great other men can be.

When the Founder asked me what he could do for me, I told him: let me be useful.

Great crowds are the strength of the citizenry.

The first time I saw a computer, I bought it.

We can only explain you, bum, by assuming your mother was penniless the night she begot you.

To be strict and optimistic is a judicious response to those who want money; it will demonstrate for them what it is they truly lack.

To be saved from folly you need either trustworthy friends or well-paid employees. To be saved from ruin, know what trustworthy and well-paid mean.

excerpted from a set by Eric Gelsinger

see Oh One Arrow and Buy Later

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