Thursday, November 13, 2008

Manage Reverence by Singing Mercy

8 May 1546

Reverend Lord Vicar-General* ordered the offending
weevils (a colony of "creepers") to pay their tithe
without delay to make three processions
around the vineyards in which they had feasted.

Having escaped excommunication, the beetles left
before, we think, completing their required devotion.
So we (with pitchfork and prayer) tromped clockwise
1, 2, 3 times round the grapes singing mercy mercy.

10 May 1979

To this day our hounds round the worn path with us.
The youngest son of the oldest man leafs out: green
face, green hands, foliage from his mouth. We toast
1, 2, 3 times round the grapes singing merci merci.

We take turns being Reverend Lord Vicar-General.
If a bee light on your arm, you're to do his homing
dance, circle your footsteps (1, 2, 3) decrying,
for God himself, the right of all creatures to consume.

8 May 2525

To produce a vision of our past, we trace beetle paths
in bark. Yes, there's still trees. Pheromone planning
controls the pests. We keep our best vines secreted
away from those still bent on Mars. Foliage abounds

from each corner of the mouth. The middle of three
daughters leads the parade: 1, 2, 3, times round home.
Lording the particular over the general, we manage
reverence by singing mercy. Pitch forks tuning us.

May from All Steel by Lori Anderson Moseman

see Oh One Arrow

* If it wasn't Reverend Lord Vicar-General, it was someone like him.
See page ix of Luc Ferry's Ecological Order (U. of Chicago Press, 1992).

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