Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sun Bus

These roads! In three hundred
Years, we will never

Have these roads. And can I see the red man?
What do they look like? Are they red like

that car?
No? Copper?

Ah! Do they have the
Same rights as A-

mericans? And who provides
security for their region?

I have heard of that, and of Martin Luther
King. And do they make a

thousand dollars a day?
Ten thousand?

More? You
know, I think you must love your

country—where are we?—because at home there are no roads like
This, no bridges like this. I

Think the
Cold makes you innovate, we cannot

innovate. In three hundred years, we
may have roads like this, but I don’t

think we will, because
somehow the world has to end.

On the Mohegan Sun Bus
With Robert of Kinshasa

by John Cotter

see Oh One Arrow

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