Saturday, November 22, 2008

I have come to strengthen the currency radically cut

Observing soup kitchens should teach you the power of ambition.

Handshakes strengthen memory.

A good teacher will instruct you to cultivate your image as much as your learning.

There is no stick hard enough to drive me away from a man whom I can better in a deal.

Watch a cashier, a laborer, a cleaning woman, and you will conclude that man is the stupidest of animals. But watch a dealmaker, a fund manager, or a diplomat, and you will beg if creation can display a finer thing.

Poverty is a halter. Any man with a grip will yank it.

Why India, friend? Can you not buy their rich cigars and pretty sandals in America?

Ask some old money for a hundred dollars, and they give you a thousand. They do not give as they are asked, nor act as if they earned it.

Share a plate of oysters with old money, and they will savor each bite, talk discursively, even let fall napkins – anything to make sure you eat more than your share. Their type is easy, their generosity is stylized greed, their magnanimity degrades.

If you’re going to be a dog, you might as well be a bad dog. If you’re going to be a man, though, be a man.

excerpted from a set by Eric Gelsinger

see Oh One Arrow and Buy Later

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